Managing soybean insects and weeds in June

The month of June typically brings new challenges for soybean growers in Minnesota. In this week’s episode, Dr. Bob Koch, Extension Soybean Entomologist and Bruce Potter, Extension Integrated Pest Management Specialist provided an update and reviewed management strategies for soybean aphids, grasshoppers and soybean gall midges. Because of the delayed spring planting season, soybean aphids are not present in significant populations but as the weather heats up there are some scouting procedures and insect biology to be aware of this spring. In addition to soybean insects the subject of alfalfa weevils was also discussed. The last portion of the program included Dr. Tom Peters, Extension Surgarbeet Weed Specialist for Minnesota and North Dakota. Tom provided an update of the Section 18 label for Ultra Blazer to control emerged broadleaf weeds in sugar beets which has similar weed control strategies for use in soybeans as well especially for other Group 15 herbicides. Tom also provided a review of the utility of pre emergence herbicides in terms of residual weed control as to longevity. We also reviewed current cutoff dates/crop stages and best application methods for growth regulator and glufosinate herbicides.

We want to thank our sponsors the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council, along with the Minnesota Corn Research and Promotion Council.

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