Corn Rootworm Current Status, etc. and crop disease update/fungicides

The months of July and August typically brings new challenges for corn and soybean growers in Minnesota. In this week’s episode, Bruce Potter, Extension Integrated Pest Management Specialist and Andy Nesseth, part owner, Agronomist/Consultant from Extended Ag Services of Lakefield, MN provided an update and reviewed management strategies for corn rootworm in Minnesota. Because of the delayed spring planting season and resistant corn rootworm populations, Minnesota corn growers face numerous field by field management situations for adequate corn rootworm control. Bruce and Andy discussed the use of field traps and scouting as part of these management strategies along with recommended crop and Bt hybrid rotations. The last portion of the program included Dr. Dean Malvick, University of Minnesota Extension Plant Pathologist for corn and soybeans. Dean provided an update of the biology and cultural control of corn tar spot, SDS (sudden death syndrome) in soybeans, white mold, and frog eye leafspot in soybeans. Dean also reviewed the possible use of fungicides for some of these diseases in terms of proper application timing.
We want to thank our sponsors the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council, along with the Minnesota Corn Research and Promotion Council.
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Corn Rootworm Current Status, etc. and crop disease update/fungicides
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